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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
  • Q What do you sell or provide?

    A Material for the preparation of certification exams is provided for different companies. There are two formats in which our products are available i.e., PDF & Practice Test Software. a complete list can be seen here:

  • Q Do you provide Certification or How I will get my certification myself?

    A As mentioned previously only preparation material is provided here. Enrolment in certification exam can be done simply, just visit the test-taking site i.e. & .

  • Q Which certification is best for me?

    A Consultancy is not provided here; you should visit the relevant forums for that.

  • Q Can I pass actual certification exam with Questions & Answers Product only?

    A Undoubtedly! we are fully confident in our products. It is highly recommended to study the Q&A of the respective exam two weeks before appearing. Our confidence is reflected by our money back guarantee policy.

Payment and Product Download
  • Q What forms of payment do you accept?

    A All payments via credit/debit card will be accepted.

  • Q I am trying to purchase a product, but I can not?

    A You may try using an alternative payment method. Also, make sure that all the information you are filling in the fields is correct. Our Live Customer Support will assist you or you can also e-mail us at for further help.

  • Q When can I download the product after I have paid for it?

    A You can download the product right away if the payment was successful and followed by our confirmation email.

  • Q From where can I download the product?

    A You can Log-in to and see your order number and product for download. You can right away download the purchased product.

  • Q What is the difference between Unlimited Access and Reseller Access?

    A In Unlimited Access, you can access all the exams available on our website, but only 10 as a limit per week. Note that your access will be blocked if you use multiple geographic IPs to download the courses.
    Reseller Access gives you access to download any exams as many times as you want. Further, it also allows you to put your label and resell the exams.

Website Security
  • Q How secure is your website &Is my credit card information secure at your site?

    A Enhanced security protocols by McAfee are used in our website, Moreover, SSL 64-Bit is used, and it is checked 24/7 to achieve excellence. Site security is not something you should be worried about. Information security is our priority.

  • Q Can a third-party access customers' information from your website?

    A No information is shared with any third parties at any cost. our system is highly secured. So, there is no chance for any third party to access a customer's information.

Guarantee, Support, and Updates
  • Q How long will my product remain valid to claim guarantee and support?

    A You offer product support and Money Back Guarantee for 90 days after your purchase (for a basic plan). You are free to buy the Extended Update plan for up to 12 months.

  • Q How frequently are product update versions released?

    A Numerous uncontrolled factors affect the update of our products. Thus, we are not sure of any FIXED DATE. Whatsoever, you can rest assured that these updates do not alter your success.

  • Q Is your update free of cost?

    A You can avail of free updates 90 days from your purchase date. You can extend the period of access for another 90 days, with a 50% discount and, get free updates and support of the product.

  • Q How will I get free updates for 90 days?

    A Examsempire offer free updates of the product for 90 days after your purchase. You can log in to your account in this period and get free updates about your product.

  • Q Why am I getting the old version after downloading even though there was an update?

    A It is possible that the old version is cached on your device. You may remove any download software copies from your computer and then restart it. Also, delete the local web cache. Now you can download the latest version on your computer.

  • Q Is it possible to extend support and guarantee after the license expires?

    A Yes, your license can be renewed at 50%. To renew your "Expired License", just click the "Renew" button next to the respective product in the "Member Area". Your license will be renewed and valid for the next 90 days. If you're having any troubles or further questions in this regard, you are free to contact our customer support.

  • Q Product is showing a lesser number of questions than before?

    A On the latest updates, we remove the outdated questions. These questions are no longer to be a part of the exam, hence, to save your valuable time we remove them. Now you can study lesser questions with higher chances of success in exams.

Miscellaneous Questions
  • Q What if I find trouble regarding your product?

    A Under rare chances, if this happens, would appreciate it if you send us a "screenshot" of the error. We will instantly fix the error and provide you with an updated copy of the exams.

  • Q How can I get discounts?

    A You can avail of special discounts on Value Pack and Bundles available for popular Exams. You can also get a discount with three or more products on your purchase list. Please contact our customer support for a discount code.

  • Q I used the product and failed the exam; how can I ask for a refund?

    A If you failed the exam in the first exam, you could claim a refund or even swap the exam with another exam from our product of your choice. Please review our guaranteed page for more details. You can e-mail us a scanned pdf of your failure report on and our team will respond in a short time.

  • Q What are “Operating System” & other requirements to use products?

    A Our products come in two formats- PDF and Practice Test Software. PDF formats are supported in most Operating Systems such as Linus, Windows, Mac, etc.. You will just need a free pdf reader to support our PDF files. However, for Practice Test Software you will need a Windows device. As it is not supported on any other servers or software. Practice Test Software is 100% compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32/64 Bit) windows10 systems only.


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