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Vendor Name: Avaya
Exam Name: Avaya AuraCore Components Implement Certified Exam
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Why 71201X Certification is Important for Avaya Aura Core Components Implementation

Avaya is a leading provider of communication solutions, and their Aura Core Components Implementation is a cornerstone of their product line. The 71201X certification is designed for professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in implementing these components. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of this certification and how it can benefit your career.

H3: What is 71201X Certification?

The 71201X certification is an exam that measures the ability of IT professionals to implement the Avaya Aura Core Components. These components are the foundation of the Avaya Aura platform, which is used by businesses to build and manage their communication networks. The certification validates a candidate’s knowledge and skills in configuring and troubleshooting these components, including Session Manager, System Manager, Communication Manager, and Utility Server.

H3: Why is 71201X Certification Important?

The Avaya Aura Core Components are critical to the success of businesses that rely on communication solutions. They provide the framework for voice, video, and messaging services, and enable businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively. By earning the 71201X certification, IT professionals can demonstrate their ability to implement and maintain these components, which is a valuable asset for any business.

H3: Benefits of 71201X Certification

  1. Career Advancement: The 71201 X certification demonstrates your expertise in the Avaya Aura Core Components, which is a highly sought-after skill set in the IT industry. This can lead to career advancement opportunities, such as promotions or new job offers.
  2. Enhanced Credibility: The 71201X certification is recognized by Avaya as a symbol of excellence in implementing their communication solutions. By earning this certification, you can enhance your credibility as a professional and gain the trust of your colleagues and clients.
  3. Increased Earnings Potential: The 71201 X certification is a valuable asset that can increase your earnings potential. According to PayScale, professionals with Avaya skills earn an average salary of $88,000 per year, with some earning as much as $138,000 per year.

In conclusion, the 71201X certification is a valuable asset for IT professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in implementing Avaya Aura Core Components. This certification can lead to career advancement opportunities, enhance your credibility as a professional, and increase your earnings potential. If you’re interested in pursuing this certification, there are many resources available, including Avaya’s website, which offers study materials and training courses. With the right preparation, you can pass the Avaya Aura Core Components Implement Certified Exam and earn your 71201X certification, taking your career to the next level.


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